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Legally Blonde

Music & Lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin

Book by Heather Hach 

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture

Directed by Ella Wyatt
Musically Directed by Roxanna Ward
Choreographed by Sabrina Harper

Produced by No Square Theatre

Artistic Director, Ella Wyatt

Managing Director, Rob Harryman

Audition Details

INITIAL AUDITIONS (by appointment)

Sunday, May 19 from 12pm - 3pm

Monday, May 20 from 6pm - 9pm

Audition appointments can be made via email to


CALLBACKS (by invitation):

Thursday, May 23 starting at 6pm



Rehearsals will begin June 1, and will be scheduled weekday evenings & weekend days. Final rehearsal schedule will be determined based on cast availability within those options. Cast will not be called 7 days a week. 

  • Tech rehearsals will begin on Saturday, July 27

  • Performances are Friday–Sunday, August 2 - 11 with a possible extension through August 18

Please prepare a contemporary musical theatre song (not from the show) under 3 minutes to demonstrate range, musicality and storytelling abilities.
Please bring headshot, resume and sheet music in the appropriate key; an accompanist will be provided. Also bring a list of all conflicts from June 1 - August 18


To schedule an audition appointment, please email Ella Wyatt, Artistic Director, No Square Theatre at


Please click here and complete the Audition Google Form. 

Character Breakdown

Elle Woods

The quintessential Valley Girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School and realizes that she has more to offer than just a pretty face and a bubbly personality.

Gender: female

Age: 20 to 25

Vocal range top: F5

Vocal range bottom: F#3


Emmett Forrest

A smart and sensitive law student who takes Elle under his wing. He is charming, quirky, loveable, and friendly.

Gender: male

Age: 25 to 30

Vocal range top: A4

Vocal range bottom: A2



A brash, caring, optimistic hair stylist who is friends with Elle and longs to find a man for herself.

Gender: female

Age: 35 to 45

Vocal range top: A5

Vocal range bottom: G3


Professor Callahan

A pompous, sleezy and manipulative law professor at Harvard who is highly successful, but completely immoral.

Gender: male

Age: 45 to 60

Vocal range top: F#4

Vocal range bottom: A2


Warner Huntington III

A good-looking but shallow and pompous guy who breaks Elle's heart and heads off to Harvard Law.

Gender: male

Age: 20 to 25

Vocal range top: G#4

Vocal range bottom: A2


Vivienne Kensington

A smart, savvy, and uptight law student and Warner's fiancée who initially dismisses Elle, but grows to be her friend.

Gender: female

Age: 20 to 25

Vocal range top: Ab5

Vocal range bottom: A3


Brooke Wyndam

An exercise video mogul who is also a former sorority girl. She is energetic and charismatic, yet currently on trial for murder.

Gender: female

Age: 25 to 35

Vocal range top: G5

Vocal range bottom: A3


Enid Hoopes

A feminist, activist, and fellow law student at Harvard. She’s outspoken and highly intelligent, often standing up for what she believes in. Good comedic timing.

(G3-G5 Soprano Belt)


Serena, Margot, Pilar

Elle’s best friends and sorority sisters. They provide comic relief, encouragement, and pop in Elle’s mind as a Greek Chorus. These are high energy roles.


Supporting Roles

Elle's Mom - (C4 – E5 Alto) - High society socialite from Malibu.

Elle’s Dad - (D3 – E#4 Baritone) - High society golfer from Malibu.

Kate - (Bb3 – Eb5 Alto) - Delta Nu scholastic chair, the bookworm!

Leilani - (B3 – Eb5 Alto) - Delta Nu sorority sister with vocal solo.

Cashier at Hair Affair - Strong Dancer

Colorist at Hair Affair - Strong Dancer

Sundeep Padamadan - A foreign Harvard law student. Former leader of his country.

Aaron Schultz - A smug and arrogant Harvard law student.

Dewey - Paulette's rude, mean, dog-stealing, trailer-trash ex-boyfriend.

Nikos Argitakos - Brooke Wyndham's pool boy.

Carlos - Nikos' "best friend".

Grand Master Chad - UCSD frat boy – raps during the show.

Winthrop - Harvard Law admissions officer.

Pforzheimer - Harvard Law admissions officer.

Lowell - Harvard Law admissions officer.

Whitney – Vivienne’s best friend at Harvard law. Her father is next in line to be the Speaker of

the House and Vivienne brags about it.

Chutney Wyndham - Brooke Wyndham's jealous step-daughter. Featured in the courtroom as a


Judge - Featured characters in the courtroom trial.

Court stenographer - Featured characters in the courtroom trial.

Content Warning
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